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Spirit of The Cyclones (Single)

by Heart Impaled



Available on the Self Titled - Extended Edition.

Now available on CDBaby and soon will be on Spotify and iTunes

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Self Titled (Extended Edition)
Track Listing:

1. Edge
2. The Harvesting
3. Ruin Lords
4. Anvil
5. Pinions and Locust
6. Spirit of the Cyclones
7. Lake of Fire pt. 1 (The Dream)
8. Mantichords
9. Lake of Fire pt. 2 (Talisman of Damnation)
10. Lake of Fire pt. 3 (Devilsun)
11. Snake Eyes 22
12. The One I'll Never Know
13. Megahelix
14. Gears of Omega
15. Give in to the Impossible (Bonus)
16. Dawning (Bonus)
17. My Demon (The Silence) (Bonus)
18. Nine of Swords (Bonus)



I am the wind thunder and rain
Upon the blackened clouds from which I came
Riders of storms revolve around me
The cold wrath of heavens
My ruin unleashed
Hailing and plunder I take all asunder
Devour the Earth under lightning and thunder

Winds like razors, rain falls like knives
Destruction of all living things, pure demise
Flooding the land at my command
I've taken the souls with my rotary dance
I am the spirit, the spirit of cyclones
My breath of gods will down all that stands

System of crippling force and power
Cities will fall like crumbling towers
Trees will billow bend and break
To go against flow is a fatal mistake
I am the spirit, the spirit of cyclones
My breath of gods will bring down all that stands


released October 15, 2010



all rights reserved


Heart Impaled Los Angeles, California

Continuously evolving metal act. Thanks for your support and appreciation.

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